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We're excited to share that we are moving forward. We're leaving behind the LocalSolver brand and transitioning to our new identity: Hexaly. This represents a leap forward in our mission to enable every organization to make better decisions faster when faced with operational and strategic challenges.

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Hexaly Modeler (LSP)

The goal of an LSP program is to build the syntax tree of the Hexaly model and to parametrize its resolution. The model is defined with dedicated operators and keywords (minimize, maximize, constraint). To support the definition of this model, the LSP language offers a set of functionalities for imperative and structured programming (loops, conditions, variables…).

The Hexaly modeler is both a modeling language and a programming language: it is strongly typed and has a dynamic type system (the type is held by the value, not by the variable). It supports multiple programming paradigms (imperative, procedural and object-oriented) and many built-in features can be used both for modeling and for programming.