Hexaly is the world’s fastest optimization solver for Routing, Scheduling, Packing, and more. Join a fast-growing community of 1,000 developers who leveraged the Hexaly platform — Optimizer, Modeler, Cloud, Studio — to build 400 optimization apps for 20,000 users.

You don’t have the skills to leverage Hexaly Optimizer inside your organization? No worries. Our optimization scientists can implement it for you. Our agile methodology has been proven on more than 100 projects. Our commitment can be summarized in three words: total customer satisfaction.

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Our Values

Reach for excellence

Month after month, we set ambitious goals at all levels of the company. That’s why we are looking for the best talents to join our team!

Innovative approach

Passionate about solving business problems, our team is recognized for 20 years for driving innovation in optimization techniques.

Thrive together

All the challenges met are a common victory. On a daily basis, the cohesion that exists in our team is one of our greatest strengths.

Trusting relationships

Trust allows us to build lasting relationships with customers, partners, and employees. At Hexaly, we deliver on our promises.

Recognized technology and expertise

400 applications, 1,000 developers, 20,000 users

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