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The founders

Thierry Benoist


For 20 years, Thierry has delivered optimization and analytics solutions for almost all industries, emphasizing supply chain management (network design, production scheduling, and route optimization). Before launching Hexaly, he headed the Operations Research department of Bouygues, one of the biggest French corporations. Graduated from École Polytechnique (1998), he holds a Ph.D. in computer science from Avignon University (2004) and a Habilitation from Nantes University (2014).

He has published papers in top OR journals like EJOR or TRSC. Several awards distinguished his research: 2005 Doctoral Prize for Innovative Applications by the French Information Technology Society, 2006 Robert Faure 3rd Prize awarded every three years by the French Operations Research Society (ROADEF) to young deserving OR researchers, and finalist of the 2012 EURO Excellence in Practice Award.

Frédéric Gardi


Frédéric has solved optimization problems for manufacturing, transportation, banking, media, telecom, and energy, particularly in high-demanding operational contexts. He holds a Ph.D. in computer science from Aix-Marseille University (2005) and a Habilitation from Sorbonne University (2013). He won several international optimization competitions: 1st Junior and Senior Prize of ROADEF 2005 Challenge, 2nd Senior Prize of ROADEF 2007 Challenge, ROADEF 2011 1st Prize for Industrial Applications.

He has published twenty papers in renowned international journals and conferences at the interface of discrete mathematics, computer science, and operations research. In 2012, he was the recipient of the ROADEF Robert Faure 1st Prize and finalist of the 2012 EURO Excellence in Practice Award. He served as president of ROADEF from 2014 to 2015.

Julien Darlay

Head of Science

Julien received a Ph.D. in computer science from Grenoble University (2011). His research was at the intersection of mathematical optimization and machine learning. He was distinguished in several international OR competitions: 2nd Junior Prize of ROADEF 2009 Challenge, 3rd Senior Prize of ROADEF 2010 Challenge, Kaggle Santa’s Stolen Sleigh 2015 Challenge.

Romain Megel

Head of Engineering

Graduated in software engineering from École des Mines de Nantes (2010), Romain’s interests and expertise cover a broad range of topics in information technology, from theory to practice, and hardware to software: code optimization, programming languages, operating systems, databases, networks, web and cloud technologies, graphical user interfaces, parallel computing.

Hexaly Team

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Senior Customer Manager


Customer Success Manager


Optimization Scientist


Customer Success Manager


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Senior Optimization Scientist


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Customer Success Manager


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Optimization Scientist


Optimization Scientist


Optimization Scientist


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Technical Writer


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Customer Success Manager


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Senior Optimization Scientist

Working with us

Our team testifies

Working as a Customer Success Manager at Hexaly is unique. I enjoy striving to help our users get the most out of our solver and ensure that their support is at the highest level possible. The optimization puzzles are varied, which forces me to master all the different areas in which optimization techniques can be applied and offers new challenges every day.

Arthur Senior Business Developer

A few months ago, I made a list of characteristics of the ideal company I would like to work with: – human-sized – focused on optimization technologies – fully dedicated to client success – developing an innovative optimization solver offering a unique blend of expressiveness, simplicity, performance, and robustness – powered by a young and creative team constantly thinking out of the box Hexaly checks all the boxes. Thank you, Frédéric Gardi, Thierry Benoist, and the entire team for giving me the opportunity to be part of this great adventure. I am thrilled to join you!

Philippe Senior Optimization Scientist

I chose to join Hexaly to tackle top-level scientific challenges that arise when developing an optimization solver. Now I am glad to be part of a wonderful and highly skilled team! I am currently focusing on improving the solver performance, and I am also developing customized solutions for several of our clients, such as Air Liquide, RTE, or SNCF.

Guillaume Optimization Scientist

After my first experience as a Partner Sales Executive at Microsoft, Hexaly commercial development is a new challenge. I like the idea of meeting customer needs with innovative solutions.

Inass Business Developer

I chose to join Hexaly because I wanted to use my passion for applied mathematics to develop a high-performance product.

Adrien Optimization Scientist

I was looking for a new challenge in the technology industry, and Hexaly seemed like the perfect opportunity. The support I received during my first days allowed me to become proficient at my job quickly. Today, I have the pleasure of helping our clients solve their most complex problems in an enjoyable work environment.

Aurélien Customer Success Manager

During my six-month internship at Hexaly, I worked on improving the solver’s performance on Vehicle Routing problems. Working with this wonderful and highly-skilled team has allowed me to discover new techniques to tackle challenging optimization problems. I am glad to keep working here and improving my skills while developing our solver.

Bienvenu Optimization Scientist

I was immediately seduced by this job which allows me to work on the R&D of the solver and optimization projects for clients. This organization allowed me to gain new skills quickly!

Emeline Optimization Scientist

After spending three years doing research work at Hexaly, I recently got to (successfully) defend my Ph.D. thesis. During these three years, I worked on improving the solver's performance on various kinds of scheduling problems, as well as on making them easier to model for our users. It was very rewarding to see my Ph.D. work being gradually integrated into the successive commercial versions of Hexaly. I am now glad to continue working here and to keep developing state-of-the-art algorithms to make our solver ever more efficient.

Léa Optimization Scientist

It is amazing to learn about exciting topics through my job constantly. I have the opportunity to work on advanced mathematical subjects as R&D for the optimization solver and various industrial-sized projects with companies like Air Liquide, RTE, or Haensel AMS. Every day, I am impressed by the remarkable skills of my fellow customer sucess manager, the pedagogy of our optimization scientists, and the goodwill of Thierry, Frédéric, Julien, and Romain. Thanks again for welcoming me to this fantastic team!

Lucas Optimization Scientist

I joined Hexaly as an Optimization Scientist to develop state-of-the-art algorithms that deliver quality results in record time to our users!

Marc-Antoine Optimization Scientist

At Hexaly, I work both on implementing cutting-edge techniques for solver R&D and on developing custom applications for the challenging problems faced by our clients, such as the CNES, Latexco or VIOOH. These two aspects allow me to quickly improve my skills.

Olivier Optimization Scientist

After six months of internship, working alongside a team of very competent optimization experts, I chose to join Hexaly because I find the diversity of the projects very enriching.

Sandrine Optimization Scientist

With daily work centered on research and development, I am constantly learning and discovering new techniques and approaches to tackle the diverse and very challenging optimization problems which come our way

Victor Optimization Scientist

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