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Hexaly is a new kind of global optimization solver. It offers nonlinear and set-oriented modeling APIs. Relying on innovative proprietary algorithms, it is faster and more scalable than Mixed-Integer Programming, Constraint Programming, and Nonlinear Programming solvers.

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Are you seeking a powerful optimization solver to handle complex problems like VRP, TSP, scheduling, and packing? Look no further than Hexaly Optimizer! I've been using it daily, and it's been an absolute blast. Not only is it lightning-fast and user-friendly, but it's also incredibly flexible and adaptable to your needs. With its intuitive studio, you can easily design use cases with less than 20 lines of code. So if you're looking for the fastest and most efficient optimization solver on the market, I highly recommend Hexaly. Try it out and see the results for yourself!

Christophe Pennetier Vice President of AI Science & Research, Quincus

Creating a bridge between Model-Based Systems Engineering techniques and Operations research required an optimization solver combining accessibility and performance. Hexaly Optimizer was a great choice in this context: thanks to its natural mathematical formalism and fast transparent algorithms it is a strong support for the elaboration of optimized system architectures against multi-perspective constraints. I warmly thank the Hexaly team for its precious help regarding the constraints implementation.

Dominique Ernadote MBSE Senior Expert, Airbus Defence & Space

Your services were a crucial help for our project. We have total confidence in Julien, who, over the years, continues to impress me with his work quality, versatility, and professionalism! True added value and innovative technology.

Alexis Bruno Network Software Architect, Bouygues Telecom

We were looking for a powerful optimization solver for our Vehicle Routing project. We came across Hexaly Optimizer, which could handle large-scale problems and find high-quality solutions on Vehicle Routing Problems (VRP). Working with the team's Hexaly optimization experts on the project is our pleasure.

Masaki Oshikawa Principal Data Scientist, BrainPad Inc.

This is the perfect example of a fruitful technological partnership serving our branches, people, and clients. Our teams at Caisse d'Epargne worked together with Hexaly to build a new optimization engine to solve our credit optimization problems. The resulting solution, in production since 2016, is more generic, more scalable, and easier to maintain, but also much fastest, with just a few seconds of running time to get optimal solutions.

Caisse d'Epargne

Hexaly was first in mind, given our long-standing relationship and their recognized expertise in operational research, when we wanted to quantify our resilience to COVID-19. Within two weeks of our initial brief, Hexaly provided us with an optimization tool that was further customized, demonstrating excellent client care with prompt responses to requests. I warmly commend Hexaly for fostering an outstanding working relationship and delivering advanced numerical solutions: they are formidable!

Eric Brangier Ensign Managing Director, Colas Group

I have worked with Hexaly Optimizer to solve several large-scale optimization projects in highly dynamic environments, where Hexaly Optimizer has proven instrumental in finding high-quality solutions within minutes to satisfy the needs for dynamic re-planning. I have found that the unique expressiveness of Hexaly’s modeling API and the highly knowledgeable support team makes Hexaly my go-to choice for complex optimization problems.

Tommy Clausen, PhD OR Specialist, cVation A/S

Optiretail designs an optimal Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) supply chain, minimizing the total project cost from sourcing to delivery. This powerful digital solution based on Hexaly Optimizer allows ENGIE to reduce the cost of LNG distribution by up to 15% and foster the development of new uses for LNG.

Gabrielle Menard Liquefaction Lab Manager, ENGIE Lab CRIGEN

Preparing Fret SNCF train drivers’ schedules is a complex task involving many operational and regulatory constraints. To solve this highly combinatorial problem, we sought a solver capable of handling this complexity and providing high-quality solutions in short running times. Hexaly Optimizer was the best solver on the market for this task. It now allows us to compute new optimized plans every year and to adapt these schedules regularly to meet new requirements.

Vincent Chmielarski Head of Operational Research, Fret SNCF

The optimization engine helps me every day to dispatch our customer orders. On top of saving me a lot of time that I can dedicate to other high-value-added tasks, it is exciting to discover each day how the routes can be optimized and contribute to sustainable solutions for construction site soils.

Kevin Jahier Logistics Director, Hesus

We have been working with the Hexaly team for several years now. Their expertise in network design problems has allowed us to move forward with our fiber network design problem. In addition, Hexaly's agile methodology is very valuable, as it permits us to iterate on the solution based on operational feedback quickly.

Fabion Kauker Chief Information Officer, Hexvarium

We have been working with Hexaly for almost two years to solve some of the allocation optimization projects at Hivery. We have been pleasantly surprised by the results' quality and Hexaly Optimizer’s general performance. We have also appreciated the team’s flexibility and availability to get to know our business and the flexible licensing and pricing options they have offered us, allowing our partnership to grow over time.

Matthew Robards Co-Founder and Head of Innovation, Hivery

We have been highly impressed by the ability of Hexaly consultants to understand the details of our business in just a few weeks. Working with them was easy and led to a perfect tool for building tailor-made advertising campaigns for our clients and maximizing our total revenue. Our internal sales appreciate the pleasant and responsive graphical interfaces and optimization quality. Efficiency, responsiveness, and professionalism are values that Hexaly truly cultivates. I am very proud that the project carried out with the Belgian subsidiary has become a reference for the JCDecaux Group.

Laurence Blaise Back Office Director, JCDecaux Belgium

LAC (Logistics & Automation Consulting) has found more than an ally in its partner Hexaly, the world's best-performing optimization engine for solving complex problems. LAC can take full advantage of the capabilities of Hexaly Optimizer, to develop custom solutions tailored to the customer's problem, offering real bespoke software delivering high-performance results. Finally, InTime was born from this partnership, LAC software for the optimized planning of truck loads and deliveries, generating savings of up to 20% of the direct costs of the activity for its users.

Fabio Bursi Senior Partner, Logistics & Automation Consulting (LAC)

Hexaly Optimizer has been tested and confirmed by our team as the best GLOBAL solver available on the market. With this optimizer and innovative approaches, the Maxflow app has a superior optimization capability for its automated workflows.

Chau Le President, Maxflow Technology

We sought an optimizer to solve our large out-of-home media planning problems. After a benchmark against CPLEX, Hexaly Optimizer proved to be the best-performing solver; it could handle large-scale problems and find high-quality solutions in minutes. It enabled us to deploy our media planning solution at Ocean Outdoor, a UK premium DOOH operator. The ultra-competitive pricing they offered us allowed us to build a long-term partnership.

Emmanuel Delmasure Software Engineer, Mereo

The innovative features of Hexaly Optimizer and its unique modeling formalism have allowed us to solve numerous problems for which we could not find satisfying solutions with MIP solvers. Hexaly Optimizer’s performance greatly surpasses our expectations on the TSP, matching, and facility location problems we’re working on. In one year, we have optimized € 160 million with an average gain of 12%. Nikolas's reactive and precise support has greatly helped us move forward quickly on our projects.

Renaud Lacour Supply Chain Consultant and Modeling Expert, Newton.Vaureal Consulting

We developed the Pasco supply chain optimization model using Hexaly Optimizer within a few days of work. Hexaly Optimizer provides outstanding solutions, as considered by Pasco planners, in just a few minutes of running times, while the number of variables is gigantic (tens of millions). We could not imagine such a feat being possible initially since state-of-the-art MIP solvers like CPLEX, Xpress, and Gurobi could not tackle the problem in hours. Now we know that using Hexaly, it's possible!

Shinichi Kuroda Project Director, Pasco Shikishima

This journey started more than two years ago. Thanks to the excellent support provided by the Hexaly team, POSAM won the project in a very competitive international tender in which many of the big names in supply chain optimization participated. Thank you again for all the effort that makes Hexaly Optimizer such a technically brilliant product and for your excellent support.

Tomas Simovic Senior Optimization Expert, PosAm

We use Hexaly Optimizer for several optimization problems, including scheduling door manufacturing in car factories and optimizing empty packaging return flows. What we appreciate most is the incomparable ease of modeling provided by Hexaly formalism. Besides, exchanging with the Hexaly team is always fruitful and pleasant.

Alain Nguyen Head of Operations Research, Renault

We optimize our channels revenues thanks to Hexaly. Versatile, fast, and scalable, it helps us solve problems involving millions of decision variables in minutes. We estimate the resulting gains at up to 2% of the turnover per year. Beyond, the Hexaly team quickly acquired a deep understanding of the TV and advertising business, thus becoming a partner of choice. They bring us powerful software solutions but also precious quantitative insights helping TF1 make the right strategic decisions.

Emmanuel Guyot Customer Marketing and Revenue Management Director, TF1

Before introducing the shipment management application, the problem of mixing and packing a large number of raw materials was managed by experts in Excel. Today, thanks to Hexaly Optimizer, the application provides high-quality solutions quickly. This has allowed us to save money while reducing work time and dependence on skilled workers. It is a significant step in the digital transformation of our department.

Mr. Yuichi Shiga Toho Titanium High Purity Metal Technology Dept.

Developing and deploying a tool like Smart Agri took less than three years. This digital simulation and optimization tool for integrated and organic fertilization was initiated in mid-2015 and has today reached the initial business solution rollout phase. We can support knowledge projects with extremely long-term goals and effectively develop new tools on behalf of our clients and operational performance.

Maria Albuquerque Project Manager, Veolia

We use Hexaly Optimizer in our timetabling and resource allocation solutions for universities. Assigning the right student to the right room with the right teacher is always challenging, with many complex constraints: room capacities, shared resources, course precedence, personalized curriculum, subgroups, and many others… But Hexaly Optimizer is a great engine. We are very glad with the results we have been able to get with it, even for large-size problems!

Luis Franco de Campos Pinto Co-Founder, Zero Gap

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