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Quick start guide

This Quick Start Guide gives you an overview of Hexaly Optimizer’s main features and helps you to build your first model in few minutes.

After a quick description of Hexaly Optimizer basic principles you will be invited to solve your first optimization problem. This first model can be implemented either with Hexaly Modeler or in your favorite language (Python, C++, Java, .Net). Hexaly Modeler was designed to enable users to write optimization models with a natural mathematical formalism, even for set-based modeling. Our introduction to Hexaly Modeler will give you a first view of its expressiveness.

This documentation is just a QuickStart. For advanced needs, we encourage you to read:

  • Our documentation on modeling features, presenting the operators offered by Hexaly Optimizer to design clear and simple optimization models.

  • Our documentation on technical features to learn how to parameterize the solver, interrupt the search, retrieve solutions, and so on…

  • The example tour that shows you how to apply Hexaly Optimizer on a bunch of problems.

  • The optimizer APIs for Python, Java, .NET and C++.

  • The Hexaly Modeler reference manual that descibes precisely the modeler behavior and all the available functions and modules.

Code examples, including those presented here, are available in folder examples of your Hexaly Optimizer directory.