Hexaly is publicly distributed for common computing platforms. Once downloaded and installed, you have to create an account to apply for your free 30-day trial license. The trial license puts no limit on the size of the problems you can solve.

Version 13.0 last release: 2024-07-12

Free trial licenses

Please register to apply for a free 1-month trial license without any limitation on the size of models to be solved. Then have a look at our Doc center.

Free academic licenses

Faculty and students can benefit from free 1-month (renewable) academic licenses, please register with your academic email to apply.


Hexaly binaries (executable files and callable libraries) are self-contained: except C and C++ standard libraries, no third-party library is required for running Hexaly Optimizer. Below are outlined the minimum system requirements for each supported platform. For more details on system requirements, please consult the installation & licensing section of our Documentation center.

PlatformsArchitecturesOperating systems
Windowsx64Windows 7, Windows server 2016 (or superior) with Visual Studio 2015 (or superior)
Linuxx64Any Linux-based system with GCC 6.1 (or superior)
Linuxarm64Any Linux-based system with GCC 6.1 (or superior)
macOSx64Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion (or superior) with Xcode 4.6 (or superior)
macOSarm64macOS 11 Big Sur (or superior) with Xcode 11 (or superior)

Disclaimer. By downloading Hexaly, you explicitly acknowledge and accept its terms and conditions of use. Consequently, we invite you to read carefully the Terms and Conditions before downloading and using the software. In particular, we remind you that any commercial use of Trial, or Academic licenses is strictly prohibited. The distribution of free academic licenses is made at our entire discretion. We reserve the right to refuse or to stop a license at any time. In this case, an email notifying the refusal or the expiration of your license will be sent to you.