LocalSolver Cloud

With the release of LocalSolver 10.5, we are glad to announce the release of a new service, LocalSolver Cloud. It is now easier than ever to leverage the power of cloud computing and get the best results for your optimization problem in the shortest amount of time. This new feature requires no configuration and is provided at no extra cost with all our license plans.

Improve your results and solve times

When using LocalSolver with the cloud service, your optimization processes are delegated to secure remote virtual machines hosted on Amazon EC2 and entirely managed by the LocalSolver team. This means you can access powerful hardware best suited to your needs and located in your vicinity. All provided VMs are available on the fly and are configured based on your specific needs. For any given job, the closest AWS region is selected to host the VM. While specific regions can be opened on request, the service already supports four regions:

  • Europe (Paris)
  • US East (N. Virginia)
  • US West (N. Carolina)
  • South America (São Paulo)

Easy to setup

In order to use LocalSolver Cloud, you only need to provide the solver with a new kind of license key: the cloud key. Each key will grant you access to a fixed number of computation hours and a specific machine configuration. They can also be shared across multiple computers.

With the cloud key in hand, LocalSolver will automatically start a connection with the cloud service and manage communications between your computer and the remote machine. The connection is secured with TLS 1.3, and the proxy configuration of your system is automatically handled as well.

This feature is available with the LSP language and our currently supported bindings (Python, Java, C#, C++, Java). The modeling APIs stay the same, and all features are supported except for external and black-box functions. To access past optimizations information, go to your account page on our website and access the detail page of the concerned cloud key.

Get started now

1,000 hours of computation time are included with every annual Desktop license you purchase, and 10,000 hours are included with the Unlimited license. To obtain your cloud key, write us an email at contact us. For more technical information and detailed instructions, you can check out the documentation.