LocalSolver at ECRM 2022

LocalSolver is invited to talk to the Early Career Researchers in Mathematics (ECRM 2022). This conference for postgraduate mathematics students will be held at University College London (UCL), June 21–24, 2022. Julien Darlay, Head of Science at LocalSolver, will talk on Tuesday, the 21st of June, at 2 PM.

Mathematical Optimization is a subfield of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence that consists of deciding some variables while respecting some constraints and optimizing one or several objectives. Many business problems — for example, minimizing costs under service level constraints — can be mathematically modeled in this way and then solved in short running times using powerful algorithms. At LocalSolver, we develop a general-purpose mathematical optimization solver for operations researchers, data scientists, and software developers to quickly solve optimization problems, and beyond, build and deploy optimization applications effortlessly.

In his talk at ECRM 2022, Julien Darlay will present practical use cases of Mathematical Optimization encountered at LocalSolver. Those cases cover different industries such as telecom network design, TV media planning, tanker route optimization, maintenance technician planning, or construction project scheduling. Julien will describe the business problem, the corresponding mathematical model we solved, and links to active research topics for each example addressed.

Please look at our customers‘ webpage to discover more case studies in various industries. Are you interested in trying it out? Get free trial licenses here. In the meantime, feel free to contact us; we will be glad to exchange about your optimization problems.