Now we are Hexaly

We’re excited to share that we are moving forward. We’re leaving behind the LocalSolver brand and transitioning to our new identity: Hexaly. This represents a leap forward in our mission to enable every organization to make better decisions faster when faced with operational and strategic challenges.

The “LocalSolver” name refers to the generic “local search” algorithms that originally made the difference with traditional Mixed-Integer Linear Programming (MILP) solvers when we launched in 2012. Over the years, LocalSolver became a Global Optimization solver, combining many different algorithmic methods: spatial branch-and-bound, simplex methods, interior-point methods, augmented Lagrangian methods, automatic Dantzig-Wolfe reformulation, column and row generation, propagation methods, local search, direct search, population-based methods, and surrogate modeling techniques for black-box optimization.

Beyond the dramatic performance improvements offered through our core solver, we launched innovative complimentary products. Now, our offer is not just a “solver” but a complete, integrated platform, the Hexaly Platform for Mathematical Optimization:

  • Hexaly Optimizer: the most powerful Mathematical Optimization solver: global, fast, scalable, easy, and flexible. In particular, Hexaly Optimizer is the best solver available in the market for these problems: Route Optimization, Production Scheduling and Blending, Warehouse Layout and Picking Optimization, Supply Chain Network Design, Workforce Scheduling and Routing, Project Scheduling, Maintenance Planning and Scheduling, Pricing and Assortment Optimization, Simulation Optimization. Check our benchmarks for evidence of this claim.

  • Hexaly Modeler: our Domain-Specific Language for Low-Code Mathematical Optimization. It means concise, compact, readable Mathematical Optimization models that are easier to maintain and upgrade. Easy to integrate into Python, Java, C#, or C++ backends, it ensures the maximal portability of your mathematical optimization codes. Better, having prototyped your Hexaly Model, you can generate the corresponding REST API and deploy your optimization app in your cloud or Hexaly Cloud in a few clicks.

  • Hexaly Cloud: Mathematical Optimization as a Service, backed by AWS. Wherever you’re located worldwide, change a line in your code and delegate the execution of your optimization apps to Hexaly Cloud with no latency. Your data are encrypted, sent to our cloud, consumed by Hexaly Optimizer (no data stored), and then the encrypted solution is sent back to your system. Don’t spend time and money managing an IT infrastructure dedicated to your optimization apps; we do it for you while ensuring responsiveness and scalability.

  • Hexaly Studio: our Low-Code SaaS platform for Mathematical Optimization. Using Hexaly Studio, you can build and deploy optimization apps in days. No installation is required. Get your first solutions within one hour: generate your optimization model using our No-Code Modelers or Templates, plug your input data as JSON or CSV files, then run Hexaly Optimizer and check the solutions through beautiful Dashboards. Demo your optimization app within hours of work, quickly iterate with your customer, and deploy your app in a month: this is now possible with Hexaly Studio.

As part of this exciting transition, we are proud to share that the Hexaly team is growing stronger than ever, mixing 40 energetic, brilliant young individuals and renowned worldwide experts. Our team is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible and ensuring that our clients receive unparalleled performance and support.

This rebranding marks a new chapter in our journey, one that is defined by our unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation. We can’t wait to embark on this transformative journey with you! Stay tuned for more exciting updates and developments as we continue to elevate optimization standards with Hexaly. Thank you for being a part of this incredible adventure with us.

Interested in trying? Register in a minute and get licenses for free. Then, contact us with any questions: we will gladly help you solve your optimization problems.