LocalSolver sponsors YinzOR 2023

LocalSolver was pleased to sponsor the 6th edition of YinzOR. The student conference took place on August 25th-26th at the Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh. This conference provides an opportunity for students in Operations Research, Management Science, Industrial Engineering, and other related fields to interact with one another and present their research via flash talks and poster sessions. The program for YinzOR 2023 is available here.

This conference was also an opportunity for Léa Blaise, Optimization Scientist at LocalSolver, to introduce the students to LocalSolver by showing them all the key components of the solver, from the modeling to the computation of quality solutions and lower bounds. Below is the abstract of the presentation she gave just after the conference opening.

LocalSolver: the combination of heuristics and exact approaches in a model & run solver

The presentation will give a global introduction to LocalSolver, giving the basics of LocalSolver’s modeling features as well as an overview of the various solving techniques implemented inside the solver, with an emphasis on scheduling problems. The presentation will conclude with an example of a real-life optimization problem and how LocalSolver solves it.