Meet the Hexaly team at ROADEF 2024

Hexaly is delighted to sponsor the annual conference of the French Operations Research and Decision Support Society, ROADEF 2024. The event is scheduled to take place from March 4 to 7, 2024, at the Pôle Cathédrale of UPJV, in France. You can access the conference program here.

Visit our booth to discover the latest features and applications of Hexaly 12.5, meet our team of optimization scientists, and explore our job opportunities. Below, you will find the abstracts of our team’s presentations during the ROADEF 2024 conference.

Solving large constrained bin packing problems using Hexaly Optimizer [Abstract]
Bienvenu Bambi

Optimization of complex workforce scheduling problems [Abstract]
Emeline Tenaud

Hexaly Optimizer 12.5: interval-based modeling and performance improvements for routing and scheduling problems [Abstract]
Julien Darlay

Disjunctive scheduling using interval decision variables with Hexaly Optimizer [Abstract]
Léa Blaise

Fast bounds in Hexaly Optimizer based on single-machine scheduling problems [Abstract]
Léa Petit-Jean Genat

Generation of routing and scheduling models with Hexaly Studio [Abstract]
Lucas Ligny

Approximate resolution of the maximum k-coverage problem for large sets [Abstract]
Lucile Mahé

Operational planning of medical vehicle routes [Abstract]
Nicolas Blandamour

Random model generation to test the robustness of Hexaly Optimizer [Abstract]
Ulysse Prieto

Optimization of a truck loading problem for the 2022/2023 ROADEF challenge [Abstract]
Victor Kani

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