LocalSolver 10.5

LocalSolver cloud

LocalSolver cloud is a new way to optimize your models. With LocalSolver cloud, the optimization process is delegated to remote virtual machines entirely managed by the LocalSolver team.

Optimization on the cloud is performed seamlessly. LocalSolver APIs remain the same. Only the license file needs to be changed, allowing you to switch at any time between remote execution on the cloud or locally on your machines. All features of LocalSolver are supported except for external functions and black-box functions that cannot be transposed efficiently in the cloud.

For more details about the cloud mode and how it works technically, please check our documentation.

Contact our commercial team if you want to apply for a free trial. Please also note that any customer that already has a desktop, floating or a server commercial licence can get a free cloud license with up to 10000 hours of time credit on a standard cloud machine.

New modeling operators


Cover operator takes as input an array of collections and returns true if all values in their domain are at least in one collection. This operator can be used to model routing problem with multiple deliveries.


Find operator takes as input an array of collections (lists or sets) and an integer value and returns the position of the first collection containing the value. This operator can be used in scheduling problems to retrieve the machine processing a particular task.

API Changes





  • Added LSOperator.Cover operator.

  • Added LSOperator.Find operator.

  • Added LSModel.cover() to create cover expressions.

  • Added LSModel.find() to create find expressions.