LocalSolver 6.0

Release notes

  • Native functions have been added to the set of modeling features. You can use these expressions to define your own custom mathematical operators. See the section on native functions for more details.

  • Two new callback types have been added. You can now provide a callback function that will be executed every time tick or every iteration tick. The frequency of ticks can be modified via the solver’s parameters.

API Changes






  • Removed the callback type LScallbackType.Ticked.

  • Added the method LSParam.setIterationBetweenTicks().

  • Added the callback type LSCallbackType.IterationTicked.

  • Added the method LSParam.setTimeBetweenTicks().

  • Added the callback type LSCallbackType.TimeTicked.

  • Native functions can be created with the method LSModel.createNativeFunction() or with with the dedicated shortcut LSModel.nativeFunction().

  • Added the operator LSOperator.NativeFunction.

  • Native functions can be called in the model with the method LSModel.call().