LocalSolver 8.5


This release introduces a number of breaking changes in the APIs.

API Changes


  • Deprecated the global variable lsAnnealingLevel . It will be removed in a future release.

  • Removed the global method getObjectiveBound().

  • Deprecated the global method setObjectiveBound(). It will be removed in a future release.

  • Added the global variable lsObjectiveThreshold. It can either take a single value or a collection of values if your model has multiple objectives.





  • Deprecated the methods LSParam.getAnnealingLevel() and LSParam.setAnnealingLevel(). They will be removed in a future release.

  • Removed the following methods:

    • LSParam.getObjectiveBound()

    • LSParam.getIntObjectiveBound()

    • LSParam.getDoubleObjectiveBound()

    • LSParam.setObjectiveBound()

    • LSParam.setIntObjectiveBound()

    • LSParam.setDoubleObjectiveBound()

  • Added the following methods to replace the methods above:

    • LSParam.getObjectiveThreshold()

    • LSParam.getIntObjectiveThreshold()

    • LSParam.getDoubleObjectiveThreshold()

    • LSParam.setObjectiveThreshold()

    • LSParam.setIntObjectiveThreshold()

    • LSParam.setDoubleObjectiveThreshold()

  • Added the following methods to retrieve the objective bounds computed by the solver:

    • LSSolution.getObjectiveBound()

    • LSSolution.getIntObjectiveBound()

    • LSSolution.getDoubleObjectiveBound()