LocalSolver 7.5

Release notes

  • A new operator contains(x, v) was introduced to test if a list x contains a value v. This is a shortcut for indexOf(x, v) != -1.

  • An example model for the job-shop problem was added to the example tour.

  • The relative optimality gap is now displayed at the end of the search.

  • Exporting models to LSP format now produces more readable files. Exporting models to LSB format is now 10 times faster. Exporting to LSM format is now deprecated.

  • Array values can now be obtained from the expression itself or from the solver solution.

API Changes


  • The built-in function contains() has been added.

  • The field value now returns the array value if the expression is an array.





  • Added the method LSModel.contains().

  • The array value of an array expression can now be obtained with the methods LSExpression.getArrayValue() or LSSolution.getArrayValue(). These methods both return an object of type LSArray.