What is Hexaly Optimizer ?

Hexaly Optimizer is a new kind of mathematical optimization solver. It combines different optimization technologies to solve your problem at hand. Using Hexaly Optimizer, you can now tackle ultra-large, real-life, discrete, numerical, or even black-box problems in a model-and-run fashion without any tuning.

Solving a problem with Hexaly Optimizer means writing a mathematical model defining:

  • the decision variables,

  • the constraints to be satisfied for a solution to be considered as valid,

  • the objective functions to be minimized or maximized.

Once the model is defined, the only remaining step is to launch the solver.

First Model

We will start with the optimization of the shape of a bucket. A non-linear problem that can be modeled straightforwardly with Hexaly Optimizer and solved to optimality in a couple of seconds.

For each language, we will illustrate how to write the model, compile the code (if needed) and launch it.