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We're excited to share that we are moving forward. We're leaving behind the LocalSolver brand and transitioning to our new identity: Hexaly. This represents a leap forward in our mission to enable every organization to make better decisions faster when faced with operational and strategic challenges.

LocalSolver 6.0

API Changes






  • Removed the callback type LScallbackType.Ticked.

  • Added the method LSParam.setIterationBetweenTicks().

  • Added the callback type LSCallbackType.IterationTicked.

  • Added the method LSParam.setTimeBetweenTicks().

  • Added the callback type LSCallbackType.TimeTicked.

  • Native functions can be created with the method LSModel.createNativeFunction() or with with the dedicated shortcut LSModel.nativeFunction().

  • Added the operator LSOperator.NativeFunction.

  • Native functions can be called in the model with the method LSModel.call().